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Product ID: used-evo-010
Autronic STANDALONE SM4 ecu (Evo 4 plug harness included £FOC)
Autronic STANDALONE SM4 ecu (Evo 4 plug harness included £FOC)
Main Connector 42 way sealed with protective cover.

PC serial data link connector 3 way 3.5 dia.

Case, silver extruded aluminum, 130 x 124 x 48 MM (overall).

Processor speed 25% faster & overall performance > 2.OX previous generation.

OK to 13,000 rpm on 16 cylinder engine. 1 to 12 cylinders to > 16000rpm.

ECU to PC data link operates at up to 115k baud for fast cal down load & Log file upload (19sec type for 112k bytes). 112k logging memory.

Internal Diagnostic light & optional remote light.

High efficiency power supply & output drivers for reduced power consumption and reduced self-heating.

Four ignition outputs. (With external multiplexer up to eight) Rating Push-Pull +/-1 amp max. Up to 3 useable for alternate functions.

Software selectable mappable dwell or O/P pulse duration modes possible.

Four coil dwell, software selectable. (With external multiplexer up to eight)

Eight injector outputs. Rating selectable software 4/1 amp 2/0.5 amp peak/hold type for high & low current injector types or parallel operation of injector pairs. Rating may be specified independently for 2 groups of 4 O/Ps. Sequential, single or double shot 1 or 2 group fire possible for up to 16 injectors. Up to 7 useable for alternate functions.

10 General purpose (GP) Outputs 5 Pull-down @ 3.5 amp max 1 Pull-down @ 1 amp max, 4 Push-Pull @ +/- 1 amp max (also suitable for stepper motor control).

15 Pulse width modulators to GP, spare Injector or Ignition O/Ps. All have 1 OHz min, 3 have upper limit of 500Hz, 2 have upper limit of 1.2KHz.

In-built dual reluctor interface / hall effect interface. Camshaft & crankshaft sensor inputs individually software configurable for hall effect & reluctor sensor types. Response speed is also software configurable for improved noise immunity.

Three general purpose digital Inputs with logic level sensitivity & pull-up to +5volts. Useable for speed measurement. Switch I/Ps. Two are useable for Camshaft position measurement.

Knock control with individual cylinder retard (requires installation or additional internal module, not available yet).

Variable Camshaft control for up to two camshafts. VANOS and other VVT supported.

Autronic or NTC air temp sensors, software selectable.

Internal or external map sensor, software selectable.

High and low injector driver software selectable.

Stepper motor idle control.

Support for most idle valve type including 2 wire, 3 wire & stepper possible. Stepper pins can be used for spare outputs if not used for idle control.

Internal Pressure sensor useable for MAP &/or barometric sensing.

Tacho & Diagnostic outputs.

2 x Spare Analog inputs (EGT, EBP, 02, etc...) Spare analog Inputs may be used as additional low speed digital inputs (eg:- switch inputs).

Autotune (self tuning software).

Launch Control (two step rev limiter based on vehicle speed).

Flatshift (change gears without clutch at WOT using standard gearbox).

Antilag (keep turbocharger on boost during gear changes) with turbo cool down function.

Selectable ignition tables. Output tables can be based on any X and Y axis parameter.

Fuel and ignition tables have 32 rpm and 16 load site axis.

Many correction tables for precision fuel & ignition adaption.

Table axis values totally user selectable.

Multi tooth, missing tooth, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ford TFI and Gen3 triggers. Software selectable trigger angle.

Support for two and three rotor engines with ignition split.

Dedicated idle control with additional settings for better adaption to changing operating condition and a more stable idle.

Dedicated Closed loop boost control, and other settings for stable boost pressures. Dedicated A/C compressor control.

Dedicated twin cooling fan control.

Dedicated NOS injection control, coordinates fuel & ignition.

13 General purpose control modules for O/P control. (use for variable fuel pump, power steering, inlet manifold air valves, extra temperature control devices etc) 4 of these are capable of PID feedback control (typical application for PID's are variable camshaft positioning or inlet manifold length).

Mapping via manifold pressure, throttle position, manifold and throttle or manifold, throttle and exhaust back pressure.

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Price: £995.00

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