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1.3mm Cosworth Head Gasket
Product ID: evo-090030


High quality yet affordable metal head gasket.......
Price: 93.50 (112.20 Inc Vat @20%)

Cambelt Kit (4G63 or 4G64)
Product ID: evo-034032


Cambelt Kit (4G63 or 4G64)......
Price: 109.00 (130.80 Inc Vat @20%)

Gates Kevlar Racing 4G63 Cambelt Only
Product ID: evo-034031


Gates Racing Cambelt.....
Price: 159.00 (190.80 Inc Vat @20%)

HKS Camshafts (Each)
Product ID: evo-034007


Excellent quality product from HKS......
Price: 280.00 (336.00 Inc Vat @20%)

ND 1.3mm Stopper Head Gasket (up to 86mm bore)
Product ID: evo-034001


ND 1.3mm head gasket for all 4G63 builds..........
Price: 79.00 (94.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND 1500Hp head gasket solution
Product ID: evo-034000


ND 1500Hp head gasket solution......
Price: 1,299.00 (1,558.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND 1mm Oversize Stainless Valves
Product ID: evo-034010


Superb quality valves........
Price: 22.50 (27.00 Inc Vat @20%)

ND 2mm Oversize INCONNEL Exhaust Valves
Product ID: evo-034030


Superb quality valves.....
Price: 29.50 (35.40 Inc Vat @20%)

ND 2mm Oversize Stainless Inlet Valves
Product ID: evo-034013


Superb quality valves.....
Price: 30.00 (36.00 Inc Vat @20%)

ND 87mm Special Wire Ringing Head Gasket
Product ID: evo-090029


ND specially sourced 87mm bore head gasket.......
Price: 299.00 (358.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Adjustable Cam Gear
Product ID: evo-034006


Adjustable camshaft pulley to allow exact cam timing.........
Price: 259.00 (310.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Bronze Valve Guides (16 Pieces)
Product ID: evo-034014


Set of 16 Bronze guides for your 4G63 head.......
Price: 189.00 (226.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Designs Solid Profile Camshafts (Pair) Evo 4-9
Product ID: evo-034015


Pair of ND custom grind solid profile camshafts......
Price: 569.00 (682.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND DOUBLE valve spring kit (Many parts included)
Product ID: evo-034029


ND double valve spring kit (MANY parts included NOT just springs).......
Price: 449.00 (538.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Fire ring head gasket solution NO MACHINING REQUIRED!
Product ID: evo-090046


ND Fire ring head gasket solution NO MACHINING REQUIRED!.....
Price: 449.00 (538.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND H11 Head Stud Kit
Product ID: evo-01560


The best head stud on the market by far. It retains the original 11mm threrad size in the block so fits straight in. The H11 material has excellent tensile strength (market leading) and this stud also features a dog point on the base.

The dog point allows the stud to be pre-loaded into the block which ensures equal torque across the studs. It also stops the stud stretching under extreme cylinder pressure.

We advise fitment of these studs on anything over 450Hp as the normal black ARP stud is simply not up to the long term job!

Price: 249.00 (298.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Hydraulic Lifter Sets (x16) With 3mm oil hole
Product ID: evo-031514


Non ticking replacement lifters.......
Price: 145.00 (174.00 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Solid Lifter Kit (16 Pieces)
Product ID: evo-034017


Set of 16 ND screw type solid lifters.....
Price: 559.00 (670.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Stopper Type 87mm Head Gasket (4G64 block)
Product ID: evo-0045


ND Stopper Type 87mm Head Gasket.......
Price: 179.00 (214.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Ti Retainers (16 Pieces)
Product ID: evo-034024


Light weight valve spring retainer.....
Price: 179.00 (214.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Valve Spring Kit (16 Pieces)
Product ID: evo-034025


Uprated single valve spring set.......
Price: 169.00 (202.80 Inc Vat @20%)

Tomei PRO CAM Camshafts (Evo 4-9)
Product ID: evo-034026


Various Hydraulic Tomei Profile camshafts available.....
Price: 579.00 (694.80 Inc Vat @20%)

ND Evo 9 SWB is competing in the UK Time Attack series for 2019, Keep an eye on our social media for updates and the Norris Designs YouTube channel for in car videos.

ND Version 3 supercharger kits proving themselves out there all around the world! Zero lag!

ND Version 4 dry sump kits in stock and ready to ship. Featuring the SUPERB Auto Verdi oil pump.

ND Colt Ralliart is competing th CCRC Saloons Championship again in 2019. Going great so far!

Norris Designs are the UK agent for Bullet engine blocks. We stock 4G63 & 4G64 versions. As used in our Evo 9 SWB demo car.

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