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Product ID: DRYS01
ND Version 4 Dry Sump Kit - Over 650 sold worldwide!
ND Version 4 Dry Sump Kit - Over 650 sold worldwide!
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NOW ABLE TO BE FITTED WITH FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING! Select from drop down box when ordering

Norris Designs Mitsubishi Evolution Dry Sump Kit.

Some 9 years on and 500+ kits sold from when we first developed this kit. We now have our version 4 kits IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP. This is the best selling and highest quality kit on the market bar none! The 2021 retail price is 2699 + Vat for the V4 kit with some extra improvements over V3+, trade prices are available for genuine trade customers and multiple price discounts are higher so the more you order the more you save!

Some of the original Version 1 benefits include;
1) Oil pump rated to 12,500rpm!
2) Starter motor area clearance correct, no fouling as with some other kits.
3) Sump fits straight on with ARP main stud kit, no grinding required as with many other dry sump systems we have seen.
4) Extra downpipe clearance over other kits both due to pump location and more compact design.
5) Fits with later Evo 8 onwards crank pulley, we can also supply a spacer for customers running Fluidampers.
6) Std front lower timing cover can be retained.
7) Re-designed CNC front cover to replace existing oil pump with correctly specced external dry bearing.
8) Totally new CNC oil pump idler pulley, don't have to use std item.
9) Kit comes with an ND billet CNC remote oil filter housing and fittings unlike other kits
10) AN type screw fittings on sump not hose clip style fittings as with some other competitor products.
11) No liquid sump gasket, comes with o-ring groove for perfect sealing.

Version 2 improvements over version 1 are as below;
1) Angled oil temp sensor pickup (To avoid driveshaft a little more)
2) Full length sump baffle (To improve scavenge capability even more)
3) Lighter "ND" billet CNC oil filter housing with temp takeoff (1/8th BSP)
4) Even better sealing profile to fit lower cambelt cover
5) Latest PRV assembly in pump to give faster responding and flatter oil pressure curve
6) Spacer included in kit to eliminate old balance shaft drive sprocket (Which can crack)
7) Oil pump drive sprocket spacer available where required (For those who have Fluiddamprs)

The updates on the V3 kit from V2 is as below;
1) Black annodised cnc front cover, oil filter housing and oil pump for new 2015 look
2) HTD belt drive system with tensioner
3) Re-aligned alternator mounting thickness
4) Stronger cambelt idler pin and fixing point in CNC front cover
5) New stiffer pump mounting bracket and tensioner bracket which allows for CNC billet belt cover (Extra cost for cover)
6) Dash 16 scavenge and feed fittings in oil pump as standard
7) Updated and improved sump baffle design
8) Larger oil pump scavenge gear width in both stages
9) Stronger welding on idler and drive pulley guides

Version 3+ improvements over Version 3 as below;
1) Pump crank drive sprocket now bolts on via the four crank pulley bolts NOT via main through bolt
2) Two piece crank drive pulley
3) More durable Steel Scavenge tubes and fittings
4) Standardised BSP thread in various areas
5) Slightly faster pump speed for improved efficiency
6) High power HTD belt supplied instead of std strength
7) 50% thicker crank baffle plate
8) Shorted scavenge tube routing
9) More durable and compact metal scavenge pipework rather than AN fittings and hose
10) Larger dash 10 turbo oil drain available as no cost option
11) Various aluminium AN fittings changed to steel to be more durable

Version 4 improvements over Version 3+ as below;
1) All new oil pump from AUTO VERDI, best oil pump in the market! Used by most current World Rx cars!
2) New oil pump bracket for the above oil pump, new belt and adjustable oil pump pulley offset.
3) Reverted sump scavenge and filter design back to V1, 2 and 3! V3+ wasn't so easy to service and fit.
4) Can be fitted WITH factory air conditioning by selecting that option.

PHONE TO ORDER your new V4 kit now!!!

ND Dry sump Kits power more Evo race cars than ANY other product! FIT THE BEST!

These are totally ESSENTIAL on anything running good tyres which generates 1G or more through right hand bends. The way to justify this to yourself is..........."Do you want to buy the dry sump kit now while your engine is healthy, or have to pay for a new engine and a dry sump kit later. An option for some is an ND 4 stage pump upgrade (Easily done as our pumps are modular in design. This is NOT needed but some engine builders like this option. We do not run these on any of our race cars though.

Email simon@norrisdesigns.com for fast efficient service and the best kit out there.

Price: £2,799.00 (£3,358.80 Inc. VAT)

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